Dubro Exhaust Extension 6”
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#213 - Custom make your own muffler extension. Will fit most engines .29-.80 2 cycle and most mufflers. This aluminum stock can be cut, drilled, tapped and welded. 1/pkg.  Weight: 96 grams #699 - A muffler extension may be required on a model with a .40-.46 size engine and will fit the ASP, Magnum, O.S., and Thunder Tiger engines. Comes complete with (2) 3 mm x 50 mm screws. Dimension between screws is 1 7/16" (36.5125 mm). 1/pkg.  Weight: 13 grams Made in USA

Barcode: 0-11859-00213-8


  • Item #: DB-213

Dubro Exhaust Extension 6”

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