Dubro Heavy-Duty Strip Aileron Horn Set
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This is a Strip aileron horn set with 1/8" wire. They are used for controling
your ailerons. They are easy to install, come complete with a threaded strip
aileron which has a 3/4" adjustment range, a E/Z adjust nylon horn bracket for
easy adjustment and a nylon housing which is glued into the wing for frictio-
free operation.

Includes: .
(2) E/Z Adjust nylon horn brackets
(2) 3/8 Threaded Aileron horn (straight length 10" bent length 1 1/2")
(2) Nylon housings (length 9")

For 6-32 thread size .

Requires assembly.

  • Item #: DB-558

Dubro Heavy-Duty Strip Aileron Horn Set

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