Dubro Kwik Fill Fueling Valve - Glow
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The clean, safe way to fill your tank without disconnecting your fuel line from the carburetor. Perfect for models with enclosed engines. Easy to install. Comes complete with fueling probe. (Silver model is for GLO FUEL ONLY. Red Anodized Model is for GASOLINE ONLY). 1/pkg.   Just in case you misplace yours, we offer a replacement fueling probe. This probe is specifically for Du-Bro Kwik Fill Fueling Valve #334 & #335. 1/pkg. Recommended fuel tubing size is DU-BRO Medium (3/32" ID) Silicone (Glo) or Tygon (Gasoline). View Instructions: click here Note: For rebuild kits, see item #718 (for #334), 719 (for #335).

Weight: 7 grams/valve

Made in USA

Barcode: 0-11859-00334-0


  • Item #: DB-334

Dubro Kwik Fill Fueling Valve - Glow

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