Dubro Rebuild Kit #611 Fuel Valve
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This is the rebuild kit for the Dubro #611 Large Scale Fueling Valve for
gasoline fuel systems. It may also be used to convert the #610 glow fuel valve
for use with gasoline. This set includes all the moving and sealing parts of
the valve to enable it to be restored to "like new" operation.

Complete instructions for disassembly of the original valve and
installation of the new components.
(1) valve spring
(1) large Red O-ring and (1) small Red O-ring
(1) shuttle - the piece that moves inside the valve to divert incoming
fuel to the tank and seal the valve when filling is
(1) 5/8" hex nut for holding the valve assembly in place

Requires: Nothing else required

  • Item #: DB-721

Dubro Rebuild Kit #611 Fuel Valve

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