Dubro Vibration Reducing Motor Mount 1.20 2/4-Stroke
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This is a DU-BRO 1.20-1.50 4-stroke and 1.20-1.80 2-cycle Engine
Vibration Reducing Motor Mount.





Made of aluminum
Two-piece design allows for many different engine sizes to be mounted
Effectively reduces vibration/harmonics, greatly reducing airframe &
component fatigue
Simple & easy to install
Specially designed elastomerics (rubber grommets)to absorb vibration
Helps in airframe noise reduction




One left half of mount Eight elastomerics
One right half of mount Four mounting screws
Eight spools Four blind nuts




Overall Length: 4.25"(107.95mm)
Overall Height: 3.5"(88.9mm) UPGX10/28/15
Mounting Ctr-Ctr: 2.750"(69.85mm)

  • Item #: DB-688

Dubro Vibration Reducing Motor Mount 1.20 2/4-Stroke

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