Futaba NR4J Rx Nicd Flat 4.8V 600MA J
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This is the NR4J Rechargeable NiCad Receiver Battery Pack for Futaba or
compatible "J" style Radio Systems. This battery pack is shrink-wrapped with
wire and connectors pre-installed.




One Receiver Battery Pack w/wire and "J" connector




Length: 2.25"
Width: 1.97"
Thickness: .56"
Weight: 3.3 ounce
Voltage: 4.8
Amperage: 600mAh
Cell Size: AA




For "G" type connector and same milliampere, use FUTM1290.
Slow charge rate--60mA for 15 hours
Fast charge rate--180mA for 5 hours
These used to be 500mAh, but are now rated at 600mAh (6/00 NMH)

  • Item #: FNR-4J

Futaba NR4J Rx Nicd Flat 4.8V 600MA J

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