GPW Wasp Dummy Engine Kit, 1 each
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Injection molded, black color, polystyrene kit.  Approximately X to Y parts with water slide logo decal.  This line of Dummy Engine Kits includes a bare bones, gray colored crankcase, consisting of a front, back and dome.  Plus 9 detailed cylinders, including intake pipes, exhuast pipes, and pushrods, molded in black color.   A popular favorite among electric powered RC model aircraft.  These injection molded polystyrene models can jazz up a scale aircraft to look more realistic.


1/12 Scale: 4.25" dia.

1/8 Scale: 6.25" dia.

1/6 Scale: 8.00 dia.

1/5 Scale: 9.75" dia.

1/4 Scale: 11.75" dia.

  • Item #: 0040-3050X

GPW Wasp Dummy Engine Kit, 1 each

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