Pitts Model 12
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Solo Props "Specialty" Series Blades

The Pitts Model 12 "Specialty" series blade is made from Solo Props Hard Rock Maple standard prop blanks.  The blades come finished in a "Farm Equipment" Yellow.  Back side of the blade is painted in a Low Gloss Black so the prop wont blind the pilot.  The tips are striped with a wide and narrow Low Gloss Black paint and scale details like the prop de-ice boot is painted on to replicat the real thing!  The blades are finished off with a prop decal to finish the look!

Delivery Time:

"This prop like all Solo Props blades are a made to order item.  Due to the more elaborate paint scheme please allow for 8-10 weeks delivery."

Solo Props RPM Limits for a 28" Dia. Propeller

Recommended Static Operation: 4500-5000 RPM

NEVER Exceed Speed: 6500 RPM

Note: Price above is (per blade)

Note: Prop is shown above with a Tru-Turn Aluminum P-51 spinner.  They are available from us (Un-Painted) cut for our props.

Note: All blades, hubs, mounting hardware and spinners are all sold separate.




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Pitts Model 12

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