Sullivan High Capacity Fuel Filler Valve
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Filling fuel tanks in RC models has never been easier until now.  This new aluminum alloy fuel filler valve is perfect for large or giant scale aircraft.  The fuel filler valve comes with stainless steel twist ties clamp wires and mounting plates with screws.

- Fill or de-fuel tanks without disconnecting any fuel lines.

- Pull to open - push to close, prevents engine flooding wihile refueling.

- Safe for all types of fuels, gasoline, glow fuel, or smoke oil.

- Easy mounting and install, mounts flush against models fuselage.

- Works with 5/32" fuel tubing, no extra connections or tools needed.

Connect the new fuel supply tube to the fill nipple in the center of the red aluminum plunger.  Gently pull the plunger outward until it stops.  Once the filler is fully opend, you can now safely and easily begin to fuel or de-fuel the tank.  The fuel line to the carburetor is automatically shut off from the new fuel source when the plunger is pulled out.  This prevents the engine from flooding while fueling.  Remove fill tube from nipple, push red plunger inward till it closes, when the plunger is flush with the fuse, your ready to go.

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Sullivan High Capacity Fuel Filler Valve

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